About Uncommon

Oxford’s newest student housing property is designed to be refined.
There are those who are content with conventional. They appreciate the everyday and are satisfied with the ordinary. They are fulfilled by the familiar and accustomed to the customary. They are masters of the mundane.
Then there are the Uncommon.
The Uncommon are those who demand sophistication, luxury, and convenience. Who want to experience life with the brightest colors, the boldest flavors, and the most unique thrills possible. The Uncommon embrace the unknown and find satisfaction in the superior.
Uncommon Oxford is your escape from average student living. It’s your close-to-campus getaway from typical dorms and standard apartment buildings. This is the modern space where Uncommon people can find sanctuary, make connections, and experience a close-knit community.
Our Oxford off-campus apartments are created with your needs in mind. These are not one-size-fits-all units, but unique experiences of intimate grandeur and understated extravagance. And it’s all located on Jackson Avenue — walking distance from the Ole Miss campus and The Square.
Our building houses about 200 residents, giving you an escape from the massive, over-crowded complexes that are common in Oxford and college campuses all across the country. Our living spaces are quaint but swanky, with gorgeously-appointed furniture and high-end finishes that preserve Ole Miss heritage but add a contemporary flair.
Aside from the tastefully luxurious interiors, Uncommon Oxford offers concierge services that rival those found in high-end hotels. Our front desk staff will be happy to help schedule laundry services  and will even point you toward the best shops and restaurants around The Square—the lively epicenter of Oxford.
Uncommon also provides advanced security to help maintain the safety of our residents. These safety measures include keycard access, 24-hour security, and front-desk check-ins. You can live the Uncommon life with peace of mind.
Be a part of something special at Uncommon Oxford. This boutique community is designed specifically for students who desire easy access to class, but also want to enjoy the vibrant, active lifestyle of Oxford, Mississippi. We are dedicated to providing a world-class living experience, helping you thrive as an Ole Miss Rebel while giving you an elegant retreat.
You can escape and unwind or be bold and outgoing, and it can all happen at Uncommon Oxford apartments.
Let us help you tell your Uncommon story.