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Two females hugging. One has a cap and gown on and is holding a diploma.

4 Ways You Can Support Your BFF Who’s Graduating


So your BFF is graduating and you’re still in school. It’s going to be rough on you, and maybe you are a little jealous, but remember that you are in familiar territory and have other friends around at UNCOMMON Oxford. Your friend, on the other hand, is heading into the wild. A new life. A new world. It’s exciting no doubt, but underneath the giddy anticipation is likely some graduation anxiety. Try these simple things to help your friend keep their cool during this big transition and be the best friend ever. 

Ask How They Are Feeling - Straight Up 

Your friend has been asked many times where they are going and what they are doing after graduation, but only the BFF can ask how they are feeling. And it’s important. Even if they don’t want to talk about it, it sends the message that you care on a different level, and they will appreciate that. If they do want to talk – listen, listen, listen. Just like you always have, because you are the BFF. 

Make Specific Plans to Stay In Touch After Graduation

Don’t be vague about it. Set up a schedule for phone chats every Sunday afternoon, a weekly text recap of the week, or a plan to get together over your break. Making plans to stay in touch after graduation will give you both something to look forward to and ease the transition. 

Give Them Something Personally Meaningful

Rather than a traditional graduation gift, go for something that holds special meaning between the two of you. A framed photo or the shirt that they always borrowed from you will bring them more comfort than some fancy work-related item any day.

Encourage Them to Find New Friends

You will probably be leaning on your UNCOMMON Oxford crew to help you get by without your friend, so the most selfless thing you can do for your BFF is to encourage them to find a new crew to lean on. In the long run, it will only bring you closer together. 

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