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Coffee drink in a short glass sitting on a wooden plate, with a dish of coffee beans in the background

5 Oxford Coffee Drinks That Will Perk You Up


If you’re looking for a jolt of energy in Oxford, Mississippi, try these five uplifting coffee drinks near UNCOMMON Oxford, and tackle the rest of your day with spirit.

Who Has the Best Mocha in Oxford?

Just a half-mile from UNCOMMON Oxford and down the street from The University of Mississippi, Uptown Coffee serves up fresh, locally roasted brews that won’t disappoint. For a sweet treat that looks as good as it tastes, try the Marble Mocha, made with espresso and steamed milk, plus dark chocolate and white chocolate syrups.

Looking for a Laid Back Coffee Hangout?

Head to Common Ground Coffee Bar off Highway 7 for a welcoming atmosphere and high-quality coffee. This veteran-owned shop offers a balance of hot, cold, and frozen drinks, all served up with Southern hospitality. Try the Frozen Chai Latte for a refreshing mix of sweet and spice.

Searching for the Best Coffee Roasters in Oxford?

Housed in a beautiful brick building at Oxford Commons, Heartbreak Coffee Roasters delivers seriously good Oxford coffee. Try the cortado – equal parts espresso and steamed milk – for a perfect way to savor the premium quality of their coffee. If you get hooked, don’t worry; they sell bulk bag coffee subscriptions to keep you stocked.

Grabbing a Cool Coffee Drink on the Go?

For the friendliest coffee vibes in town, swing through High Point Coffee, and indulge in one of their creative cold drinks or custom latte creations. Try the Matcha Macchiato for something a little different that will liven up your day.

Want Ice Cream With Your Coffee? Or Coffee With Your Ice Cream?

If we’re honest, the best coffee drink has to be the one with ice cream: the affogato. Why not get it from the shop serving the best ice cream in town? The Oxford Creamery dishes up amazing small-batch ice cream that makes a perfect pairing with its delicious coffee, brewed in-house.

UNCOMMON Oxford’s central location in downtown Oxford means you’ll have plenty to explore, from foodie destinations to beautiful green spaces. Check out our Neighborhood page and our other blog posts to see what’s different about living here.


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