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Group of men and women toasting their ice cream cones and smiling on the sidewalk.

5 Spots for a Sweet Treat in Oxford


If you’re hitting the books, why not do it outdoors at one of these nearby parks in Raleigh? Get some vitamin D while you study at these four locations near North Carolina State University.

Where’s the Best Outdoor Spot on Campus?

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to read outside, head to the Gardner Arboretum. The mature trees offer great shade, and there’s a swinging bench, adirondack chairs, and picnic benches to get comfortable.

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat after a long day of studying, post-acing a big midterm, or on a weekend whim. Here are five great spots for a sugar rush in Oxford.

Ice Cream Near University of Mississippi

Your one-stop shop for small-batch Southern ice cream is The Oxford Creamery. A staple of the Oxford community since the 1930s, they boast farm-to-cone frozen desserts.

Or if you’re looking for something lighter than the real deal, you can walk up the street to Yaya’s Frozen Yogurt Shop. Yaya shares their daily flavors on Facebook, plus they have a topping bar to make your own sweet creations.

Sweet and Healthy Restaurants in Oxford

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with some good brain food, head to Frutta Bowls. They offer fruit-packed smoothies, smoothie bowls, and more. It’s a great way to treat yourself – and squeeze in some fruits and veggies.

Yet another healthier option (albeit not as nutritionally dense), stop by the quaint cold treats shop Sno Biz for a sugar fix. A snow cone is a good low-fat way to indulge, considering they are primarily sugar and water.

Sweet Shops in Downtown Oxford

If you’re looking for a quick sugar snack when walking around Courthouse Square, take a side trip to Insomnia Cookies to taste one (or a few) of their handcrafted baked goods. They’re open until 1 AM, so you can grab a snack – or even have cookies delivered – when you’re up all night studying.

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